Futuro Media | We Imagine…Us

Welcome to the We Imagine…. Us Animation Series where you can see how societies can be built on the principles of racial and equal justice and solidarity. These three fictional episodes highlight the aspirational daydreams of three different characters featured in the fictional podcast series, The Long Way Around.

I was both Art Director and Lead Illustrator with my illustrating the intros + fully illustrating the Mercy’s Story video.

We Imagine….Us: Ep. 2 “Claressa’s Story”

We Imagine Us…Ep. 1 “Anahi’s Story”

Client – The Futuro Media Group
Director – Trey Ellis
Art Director | Lead Illustrator – Jardley Jean-Louis
Illustrator | Concept Artist – Sharissa Szelei-Miko 
Character Design – Paige Walshe
Background Artist – Mariana De la Pena
Animator – Pedro Mafra | Stephanie Persaud

Full credits in videos