Joy – This Place I Land

As part of being a Resident Fellow of Jamaica Center for the Arts ARTWorks 2022 Residency, I had a solo exhibition of works created during it.

To Be Black, Gay, and Gay

In Joy – This Place I Land, Jardley Jean-Louis’s debut solo exhibition, the body of work captures what the expression of joy is as the multi-disciplinary artist sees it, feels it, and dreams it within their Blackness. 

Drawing from their own intersections in queerness, Blackness and being second-generation Haitian American, these illustrations and an animation explores the joy felt not in extraordinary or fantastical experiences, but in simple life moments committed to agency within love, intergeneration, community, and self. 

Bart Simpson

Held Mementos


Closing Halloween
Warmth and Peace
To Be With Friends.
Fire and Desire
Love in Self
Thank You.